Marine Home Center is a full service retail complex that offers everything you need for building, decorating, and home improvement on Nantucket Island.


Established in 1944, Marine Home Center started out as a lumber supplier and has grown into a sprawling retail campus that offers a diverse range of products and services to “build, decorate, and live” on Nantucket. Looking to establish a unified brand that communicates the breadth of its offerings, Marine Home Center came to Moor Studio to update its visual identity. Marine’s nautical style logo felt dated, and the retail campus’s multiple, distinct departments lacked cohesion. Rebranding a business that has been an island institution for over 70 years is no simple task, and we’re honored that Marine Home Center trusted us to take on the challenge.


To refresh Marine Home Center’s visual identity, Moor Studio designed an updated anchor icon to mark the evolution of the company, while preserving the signature color green. These core design elements are synonymous with the well established Marine Home Center brand which islanders have known for decades. Moor Studio continues to work with Marine Home Center to launch their new visual identity, from exterior sign design and HDC approval to interior signage, vehicle branding, apparel, and marketing campaigns.


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