Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket (MMAN) is a local nonprofit organization with global reach that works to protect marine mammals and their environment. The mission of MMAN is to encourage positive and responsible interactions with cetaceans, educate the public about behaviors that are harmful to marine mammals and the oceans, collect and disseminate scientific data, rescue animals that are stranded or injured, and promote responsible whale watching.


MMAN was founded to bring together several programs (Nantucket Marine Mammal Conservation Program, Marine Mammal Rescue Nantucket, and Whale Heritage Site) under one cohesive entity. Scott Leonard, founder and CEO of MMAN, came to us to design a logo that would unify these related groups and identify the new organization. MMAN addresses a diverse audience, from Nantucket residents and tourists, to fellow conservation and advocacy organizations, to those who set policies and enact laws that impact marine mammals on a global scale. Because of its broad reach, MMAN’s identity must be both approachable and professional.


Our goal was to design a flexible brand identity system that will empower MMAN to market its message across all media, both locally and globally. The logo design is an evolution of illustrations previously used by whale advocacy groups on Nantucket. The white whale from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, inspired by the sinking of the Nantucket whaler Essex, symbolizes the power to fight back against those who harm whales.


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To learn more about MMAN and how you can help protect marine mammals, please visit:



Moor Studio | 2 Union Street

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