Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals, also known as NiSHA, provides shelter and care for stray, homeless, or unwanted animals until they are adopted into forever homes, and promotes animal welfare through education and advocacy.


Our local animal shelter, named Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals at the time, came to us for a new logo. Formed by a group of big hearted volunteers, the animal shelter had used various logos, fonts and artwork, cobbled together in different ways over the years. While it was clear that they needed a unified visual identity, in our meeting we learned that their challenges were bigger than their branding. While the community knew that the shelter found homes for animals in need, they were largely unaware of their humane education and animal advocacy programs. The shelter was often confused with the animal hospital, both because their typography was similar and because the shelter leases a space from the hospital to house their adoption animals. The name “Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals” was too long to say, and people generally referred to them as either “Safe Harbor” or “the shelter”, which added to their identity confusion.


Addressing their need for a new name first, we suggested they add the word “island”, making their full name Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals, with the acronym NiSHA. NiSHA is easy to say and has a friendly sound, like the name of a pet. We then designed a typography logo based on a handwritten font, adding paw and tail details for that warm and fuzzy feeling. The result is a new visual identity that is unique, professional and approachable.


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To learn more about NiSHA’s programs, and maybe find your new best furry friend, visit



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